Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Book Review and Contest Nikki Loves Her Hair by Nailah Jones

Nikki is a young girl who loves everything about her natural hair. She loves all of the hairstyles she can do and matching with mommy and friends!
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Sue's Review -
Nikki Loves Her Hair is an awesome story!! Starting out, Nikki wants to look like her Mom and her friends. Then she finally realizes that she should just look like herself and be happy with her hair. While reading this book, I had a lot of thoughts about how my great niece loves her hair. How she never wants it cut or styled -- just want to wear it long and straight. I really think this is a wonderful book for young girls to read and learn that being themselves is a good thing!!!
Nailah Jones is a natural haired girl from Snellville, Georgia. After years of getting relaxers, she realized her natural hair better fit her identity and later decided to go back to her natural roots. She has now had locs for two
years and counting. Nailah thinks that it is important to let other natural girls in her community know how beautiful their natural hair is, so they never have to wonder!

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