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Letting Go: A Contemporary Romantic Thriller Review and Contest

lettinggobooktourletting_go_2000x3000Despite his wealth, Alex Thompson has been living in fear since his wife died in childbirth. A frivolous wrongful death lawsuit, harassing phone calls, and anonymous threats drive him and his five-year-old twins away from their home in Houston and into the crosshairs of a sniper.
Molly McDill is a struggling single mom who lives next door to Alex and his twins. When she helps them adjust to their new life in the country, she exposes herself and her son to the same threat that followed Alex.
An attempt on his life throws their lives into chaos, inviting more threats, public scrutiny, and Molly’s ex-husband back into her life. The tension tests the attraction they feel toward each other as they struggle to keep life normal for their kids.
Alex still doesn’t know who wants him dead but suspects his former in-laws. As the threats become a visceral danger, Alex and Molly race to uncover the secret that died with his wife before it costs them everything.

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Sue's Review 
WOW - this is the first book that I have read by Anthony Awtrey and OMG OMG OMG -- it was amazing!!!

I loved the way that he takes the time with describing things, thus making the reader feel like they are there and a part of the story. I loved the way that he developed the characters - making the reader feel like they could be best friends with them. All in all, it was an amazing story and was a pleasure to read!!! I don't write spoilers - so I will not give the story away --- but, I can definitely say that once you start reading this book and get past the first 3-4 chapters of story setup, etc, you will find it hard to put the book down. You will get so tied up in the story - trying to figure out the outcome and being caught off guard by the surprises and are thrown in. AND - have a few tissues ready for the ending, because you just might need them!!!

I received a copy of this book for an honest review.
About A.L. Awtrey
After working more than twenty years as a technologist and scientist, Anthony started writing fiction again for the a_l_awtrey_authorfirst time since college. Developing white paper studies and proposals for years provided a foundation in technical writing, but telling a compelling story was much harder than it appeared.
Four years of practice where he wrote eight novels and dozens of short stories improved his dialog, description, tension, and pacing. With his latest novel, Letting Go, Anthony is ready to release it under his own name. He’s a member of the Central Florida Chapter of the Romance Writers of America and Florida Writers Association.
When he’s not writing, Anthony is the CTO of a technology consultancy and a professional singer.
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The Asian Slow Cooker Cookbook #Excerpt


The Asian Slow Cooker cookbook provides great new flavors to try in your slow cooker. These simple and delicious recipes will have your favorite Asian dishes waiting for you right when you get home. With the press of a button, you can make authentic dishes that are healthier and tastier than their restaurant counterparts. You’ll experience a wide variety of flavors; choose spicy, vegetarian, noodles or rice. There are even recipes that have 5 ingredients or less. Extra long day? Kelly’s fuss-free one-pot and skillet recipes will have dinner on the table in 30 minutes or less?and with only one pan to wash, cleanup will be a breeze.Whether you’re in the mood for General Tso’s Chicken, Pad Thai Noodles with Chicken, Beef Chow Fun, Panang Curry, Mapo Tofu or Tom Yum Hot and Sour Soup, you can have fast, delicious meals every day of the week the easy way.

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Along with slow-cooker meals, skillet and one-pot wonders are a staple in
our home. They are fast, easy
and the perfect solution to weeknight craziness! Clean up is a breeze with
only one pan to wash, which
works out for me because washing dishes is my least favorite chore. Just
toss a bunch of ingredients
into your pan and watch them come together to make a delicious meal! Many
of these can be made
in 30 minutes or less. What could be a better dinner solution? Just grab a
fork and dig into these easy
skillet meals!
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Bio: Kelly is the blogger behind Life Made Sweeter. She is a self-taught baker and specializes in Asian cuisine. You kelly-biocan often find her in the kitchen dreaming up tasty new dishes that are quick and easy to make for her family. She enjoys using her slow cooker and adding a fun and healthy twist to many classic favorites. Follow Kelly on her social media!

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Interview with John L Sheppard

Tell us a little bit about your book.
Explosive Decompression is mainly a satire on human nature and that strange yearning for a glorified past some have — in this case the British Empire. I took as my guide (in part) Gulliver’s Travels. Most will remember the Lilliputians from that book, but there were other parts of the book... and many warnings in there about the blind pursuit of science, the costs of immortality, the dark side of human nature, and so on.
* Have you published before?
I have written a number of books, most notably Small Town Punk (Ig Publishing, 2007) and After the Jump (Paragraph Line Books, 2015).
* Are you currently working on anything else?
Explosive Decompression is a sequel to After the Jump. I’m working on another sequel to After the Jump right now called Sometimes Fatal Events Have Occurred. Each one of the books will have a different narrator.
* What is your favorite writing snack?
Peanut M&M’s. I drink a lot of coffee while writing.
* What gets you in the mood to write?
I take long, long walks. I’ll walk for two hours, and during those walks my characters will have discussions in my head. Afterward, I can’t wait to get to my keyboard and type those conversations into a text file.
* Who is your favorite character and why?
My favorite character is Audrey. Dr. Audrey Novak is a survivor. Audrey is partially based on Grace Hopper, the computer scientist and Navy admiral, and Audrey Hepburn, the actress and humanitarian who lived through the occupation of Europe.
Initially, Audrey was the survivor of an alien invasion of the Earth in 2040. A technological innovator, she sent her mind back in time to 1972 (when she was seven years old) to speed up innovation in order to defeat the aliens in the future. What she didn’t count on was the resiliency of her seven-year-old self, who turned her 75-year-old self into a subset of memories.
Imagine what a seven-year-old would do with nearly limitless knowledge like that! That was the first book in the series (After the Jump).
In this one (Explosive Decompression), the Audrey in it is a copy of that mind from when she was 19. She’s been stored on a shelf for over 200 years, and all the innovations she came up with back in the 20th century have been used to create a twisted version of the Victorian-era British Empire that is based in Canada. She awakes and strives to set things right again, and
also to make herself flesh-and-blood. She’s a kind person. She only wants to do right. Her main flaw is that she creates things for fun and doesn’t spend a lot of time worrying about the consequences until afterward. Sometimes, there are horrifying consequences.
* Favorite book of all time?
I read Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn once a year. It is once of the greatest books ever written.
* I think breakfast says a lot about a person, what is your perfect breakfast?
When I was in college at the University of Florida, I loved to go to Skeeter’s, a breakfast house in town. Skeeter’s was the home of the Big Biscuit. My ideal breakfast is the Asher Special, hash browns covered in melted cheese and eggs, with one of those massive big biscuits on the side. Oh, man!
* Do you have a favorite period of time that you like to write about or would like to live?
Most of my books are set in the 1980’s or 1990’s. I was young then, so the world seemed more alive to me.
* Please tell us in one sentence why we should read your book!

Explosive Decompression has everything you would want in a book... humor, romance, adventure and a satisfying ending.
Isaac Asimov meets Charles Dickens with a dash of Jonathan Swift… 
In a world that is a science experiment gone horrifyingly wrong, scientist Audrey Novak awakes from a centuries-long sleep to discover that her work has been used to create an appalling world. Aided by commoners, bots, and another refugee from 20th century America, Audrey takes on the power elites on Earth and on the Moon in a novel that is equal parts adventure, science gone haywire, and rollicking humor. ?

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A sampling of acclaim for John L. Sheppard
“Sheppard’s characters pretend not to be funny, to not be emotional, to not need each other, when of course, they are and they do. There’s a clarity to the chaos, the restraint, the vulnerability Sheppard creates, something so human and essential you can’t help but turn the page.”
–Entropy magazine
“…an easy affection for his characters and a sense of natural, unforced humor.”
“…You have a good time seeing someone have a bad time. It’s fun…”
–Padgett Powell
“…raw feeling and taut smart prose.”
–Sam Lipsyte
“The author grips you from the beginning, I couldn’t have put it down if I wanted.”
–Amazon reviewer
John L. Sheppard wrote the novels After the Jump, No Brass, No Ammo and Small Town Punk