Tuesday, May 28, 2019

A Buzz about Campus: The Oak Grove Chronicles: Book 1 Review

A Buzz about Campus: The Oak Grove Chronicles: Book 1

Without gratuitous gore and steamy sex, A Buzz About Campus is a captivating mystery. In the fictional California county of Oak Grove, the university’s provost dies in his office, the victim of an apparent heart attack. But the autopsy reveals that he was murdered–by a means most diabolical.
The unusual crime is investigated by Alan Bluestein, Senior Detective in the sheriff’s department, and Professor Laura Mancini, a forensic archaeologist at the university. Bluestein and Mancini enjoy an evolving relationship based on mutual trust and respect even though lust simmers just below the surface. Insights into faculty life and pokes at administrators will amuse readers familiar with universities. Taking unexpected twists and turns, the quest to identify the killer is a warmhearted blend of silly and serious that will intrigue and delight the reader.

 “A Buzz About Campus” by Annette Schiller and Michael Brian Schiffer is a wonderful start to a new series – Oak Groves series – and I am so looking forward to the next book coming out!!!
The story takes place in Oak Grove California. It takes place on the Oak Grove campus – where the university’s provost dies in his office. The death is thought to be a result of a heart attack – but the autopsy reveals that he was murdered. Alan Bluestein – Senior Detective in the sheriff’s office – and Professor Laura Mancini – a forensic archaeologist at the university – enjoy investigating the crime together and a relationship grows as a result. I don’t write spoilers – BUT, you will find that once you start reading this book that it will be hard to put down until you reach the ending!!!

I’m sure that you will enjoy this book as much as I did!! Now just need to know when the next book of the series will be released!!

About the Author -Born in 1948 in Chicago, Illinois, Annette’s family moved to Los Angeles when she was one year old. She had what she considered to be a very typical life in a household with a father who worked at the family dry cleaning business, an at-home mom (from whom Annette gets her silly side and somewhat warped imagination). Annette considered her life to be ordinary until she met the love of her life, Michael Brian Schiffer, at the ripe old age of 17. They got married during their senior year at UCLA, graduated, and continued on what has been a life-long adventure together. After Michael finished graduate school at the University of Arizona, they lived for two years in Fayetteville, Arkansas and spent almost 40 years in Tucson, Arizona where Mike was a professor at the U of A. They retired to Alexandria, Virginia.
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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Book Review- Without Wings: Gambling on a Soul by Thomas Joseph Beck

J.J. Dunleavy is a family man and owner of Mom's Place Diner in Delray Beach, Florida. J.J. is a church going man as well as 'Little League" baseball coach. Everything in his life is moving along smoothly. J.J. had his two best friends working along side of him running the Diner. Then his partner ran off with $100,000 of their money. J.J. began to gamble thinking he could "earn" the money back. Instead, he became a degenerate gambler. And, his partner's wife begins to look very appealing to J.J. 
He begins to think having an affair might bring some excitement in his life. You see J.J. is being tormented by the combative Angel, LUST. In one of his desperate moments, he prayed. He did not believe that praying worked. What he does not realize is that the Angel, SERENITY, heard his faint mumbles and has decided to help. 
 So, now Jonathan Joseph Dunleavy will learn the meaning of "be careful what you pray for." Look out Delray Beach ... Daniel Peter is on his way! 

Review -
I'll start by saying that you really need to read Book 1 of Without Wings prior to reading book 2. Things will make a whole lot more sense to you!!! And both books are awesome!!!

J.J. Dunleavy is the main character of Book 2. He is the owner of Mom's Place Diner in Delray Beach, FL. JJ is a family man, church going and a Little League baseball coach. When his partner runs out on him, JJ begins to gamble - trying to make money quick. JJ has lots of issues that a tormenting him and then Daniel Peter is there to try to help him back to the straight and narrow. I don't write spoilers -- but OMG, this is like real like battles that he is facing!!!

This is an awesome book that you will find hard to put down!!!

 About the Author My name is Thomas Joseph Beck , I live in Boca Raton, FL with my wife Elizabeth. I have been writing bad poetry and short stories for 20 years. “Without Wings Book 1 (To Save a Soul)” is my first published work, it has been called an alternative spiritual allegory. I am now working on the second book, in this series of six. I hope my stories entertain and inspire all who read them.