Monday, July 30, 2018

Book Review - Storm by Gurpreet Kaur Sidhu

I received a copy for my honest review, no other compensation was received. 
The first in a series, Storm is a twists-and-turns thriller driven by compelling characters challenged by dangerous forces, both external, internal, and eternal.
Evan Storm had been confronted by his past (an unpleasant one at that) in his dreams, and now in his waking life. He is struggling to reconcile the evil that lurks in his soul. Shadow Hex is his new neighbor, who also fears a dangerous past – her former fiancé who works for the Secret Eye Agency (which is as shadowy and sinister as it sounds). Does Shadow hold the key to Evan’s redemption? Is redemption even possible?


Review - This is the first book that I have read by Gurpreet Kaur Sidhu - I can say that it is not the typical book that I would be found reading BUT once I started reading it, I found it hard to stop!!! This is the first book of a series but you can read it as a standalone novel.

Evan Storm wakes up from terrible nightmares every morning at 3:30am. He dreams of a past life as an abusive husband. Evan and his sister Denise live with their grandmother because they believe that their parents were killed in two separate accidents. When Shadow Hex moves in next door to Evan, he recognizes her as a reincarnation of his abused wife from a previous life. OK -- I don't write spoilers, so I have to stop and say that you really need to read this for yourself.

Born and raised in California, Gurpreet Kaur Sidhu always had an insatiable appetite for reading and writing. She would often be reprimanded for working on literary ventures when she should have been paying attention to teachers. In addition to being a highly accomplished writer, Sidhu is a passionate businesswoman, holding a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and running a women’s clothing company with her younger sister.

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Friday, July 27, 2018


After standing for over 7,000 years, Aleppo’s ruin came overnight. Separated from his family during the night the rebels attacked the city, thirteen-year-old Zaid Kadir is lost in the middle of a war zone. Alongside his friends, he is forced to survive the dangers of a civil war he does not even fully understand. Zaid witnesses the destruction of the brutal Syrian Civil War as it grows more deadly by the day and rips his city apart. However, as he braves this destruction, as he desperately tries to survive this catastrophe, he discovers something. Zaid realizes that it is in the darkest hours when humanity’s spirit of hope burns brightest.


About the Author
Ammar Habib is a bestselling and award-winning author who was born in Lake Jackson, Texas in 1993. Ammar enjoys crafting stories that are not only entertaining but will also stay with the reader for a long time. Ammar presently resides in his hometown with his family, all of whom are his biggest fans. He draws his inspiration from his family, imagination, and the world around him.
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In conjunction with the release of The Heart of Aleppo, I am running a giveaway from July 26th to August 3rd. The prize of the giveaway is a signed copy of my national award-winning novel, Memories of My Future. Memories of My Future is a historical/inspirational novel that was published in 2016. It received several accolades after its release, including the Independent Press Award in May 2017.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Book Review - The Dociles by Valerie Puri

I received this book for my honest review

The Dociles by Valerie Puri

Walls are meant to keep the monsters out…
Deep in the forest there is a wall where no wall should be. Behind it live the people of the Commune, the last remnant of human kind.
Jennie Caraway has lived behind the wall her entire life, certain that it protects her and her brother from the lemerons, ravenous undead monsters whose only desire is to kill – and feed.
Jennie’s peaceful existence is shattered when she uncovers a secret organization whose purpose threatens to destroy not only Jennie, but her entire world. The Order has a deadly mission, and they will stop at nothing to see it completed.
Jennie and those closest to her must expose the evil truth before they are killed – or worse.

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Valerie Puri has always had a lifelong interest in all forms of artistic expression. She has tried her hand at many things, yet she always found her way back to reading and writing. With inspiration everywhere, she finally put pen to paper (or rather, fingers to keyboard) with the intent of publishing her stories.
Writing has always come naturally to Valerie, and for a time she even worked as a technical writer. She continues to hone her skills by having at least one writing project in the works at any given time. Her true passion lies in the freedom that comes with writing the stories that pour from her imagination and real life inspiration.
Valerie believes that the experiences we have in life are just stories waiting to be written.
WOW - first book that I have read by Valerie Puri - and I can foresee that it will not be the last!!!

The main character of the book is Jennie Caraway. She has lived behind the wall for her entire life. She listens to what the Elders say -- but she knows that it should not be totally believed. Her main concern is protecting her and her brother. One day Ethan shows up in her barn -- she immediately doesn't ask questions, but treats his injuries. Once she talks more to Ethan she starts to question what the Elders are doing. OK - I have to stop there, or I'll be telling you the whole story.

This is definitely an awesome story and one that you will find hard to put down until you reach the ending. AND THEN -- you will be asking: When is the second book in the trilogy going to be released????

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