Thursday, March 14, 2019

Book Review and Contest - Casting Stones by Jay Beck

Jay Beck has continued writing about the fascinating adventures of political consultant, Mark Young, in his next book, “Casting Stones.” Set in Greece during the 1985 elections, the historical novel pits the United States against the Soviet Union in a battle over Greece’s future political economic soul.
The novel is set in the turbulent times of airline hijackings, terror bombing and assassinations. The Soviet KGB, Greek secret police and terrorists all conspire against Mark Young as he tries to win a national election while simultaneously rescuing the most valuable ancient sculpture ever created.
Mark is torn between the turmoil in Greece and a critical situation threatening to end his relationship with his girlfriend, Vicki back in Washington, D.C. All of these diverse threads come together in an unexpected and thrilling conclusion.
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Wow – this was an amazing book!!! Jay Beck does an amazing job of writing and can keep the reader totally engrossed in the story!!! This is a historical novel – so as well as being a good story, you might just learn a little history while you are at it!!! The story is set in Greece during the 1985 elections. The story is written in the perspective of Mark Young – who is a political consultant. The story tells a lot of the battle between the United States and the Soviet Union – in regards to the Greek election. I don’t write spoilers – BUT, I will warn you that once you get into this story, that you will have a hard time putting the book down until you reach the ending. (I would be awake all hours of the night reading!!)
By writing fiction, I’ve try to expand on my history and the events I have observed. I still have a long way to go in tapping into all of that rich material, particularly since politics and entertainment so often go hand in hand, as I hope I have demonstrated in my work. These will be exciting areas for me to investigate and discuss while I continue to write about them. As I mentioned earlier, the third book in the trilogy concerns the interactions between the campaigns and the time of history of Ross Perot, Bill Clinton, and George Bush, a vast political world for me to plumb. I have stories to tell.
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