Saturday, August 25, 2012

Impossible Review

            Impossible, is a modern day fairytale, unique and stunning in every aspect. Nancy Werlin weaves a tale full of love, family, hope and an ultimate battle between good and evil that rests in the hands of a young girl who is trapped in a family curse.
            Lucy doesn’t have much to do with her mother who went off the deep end after her birth and can be found wandering aimlessly around town with a shopping cart. Lucy sometimes even pretends that crazy Miranda isn’t her real mother at all and that Soledad, her adoptive mother, really is.
            But when Miranda starts showing up regularly, singing that hauntingly beautiful ballad, “Scarborough Fair”, it’s almost as if she’s trying to give Lucy a message. But Lucy doesn’t understand what that message is.
            When Soledad brings Pagraig Seeley home from work one day, Lucy senses something is off about him but she has no clue that he is, in fact, the maker of an ancient curse upon the women of her family. If she does not do something very soon then the curse will fall to her and she could end up just like Miranda. But now Lucy doesn’t have only herself to think of… 

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