Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dragon Fire Book Review

 Dragon Fire

At nineteen, Delcan wants nothing more than to break the bonds of what the world expects of him; winning the tournament at the Flarian Festival and earning a place as a squire is the only way he knows how. When he discovers his own father’s secret past and his role in the kingdom’s history, Delcan’s life as a squire suddenly becomes complicated; when he falls in love with the princess, Aria, it turns deadly.
Dragon Fire is the story of a farmer’s son and a princess who dreamed of becoming a knight. It is a coming-of-age tale set in a world where the young have no hope and the old no longer believe in magic. With compelling characters and vivid language, it is an action-packed story of romance, hope, sacrifice, and the most unlikely of heroes.
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 Fantasy is not my usually preferred genre, but DRAGON FIRE drew me in from the first
pages. Alvarez paints such vivid pictures that the reader feels part of the action. The
main characters, Delcan (a simple peasant boy), Aria (a princess who wants to be so
much more) and Galyan (a wizard who wants to see destiny fulfilled), are engaging and
real, and the plot is full of action. From the ancient prophesies to the intriguing secrets
and romance, this book will keep the reader guessing and involved in each twist and turn.
An excellent first novel by a promising new writer!

I received this book for my honest review from Promotional Book Tours

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  1. this sounds like a wonderful book! Thanks for sharing your review....I am all for hope and romance and heroes!