Thursday, December 6, 2018

Reincarnation - It’s A Curse to Remember – Storm

The first in a series, Storm is a twists-and-turns thriller driven by compelling characters challenged by dangerous forces, both external, internal, and eternal.
Evan Storm had been confronted by his past (an unpleasant one at that) in his dreams, and now in his waking life. He is struggling to reconcile the evil that lurks in his soul. Shadow Hex is his new neighbor, who also fears a dangerous past – her former fiancé who works for the Secret Eye Agency (which is as shadowy and sinister as it sounds). Does Shadow hold the key to Evan’s redemption? Is redemption even possible?


 Guest Post - 
Reincarnation means that you have been and will be brought into different lives as a human or animal. As a Sikh, I strongly believe in reincarnation. The highest form of reincarnation is the human race. But our goal in life is to break free of this cycle and become one with God. In order to do that, you have three duties you must do in your life in order to become one with God. This first is Nam Japna, keeping God in mind at all times. The second is Kirat Karna, earning an honest living. Since God is truth, a Sikh should live honestly. This doesn’t just mean avoiding crime. This includes avoiding gambling, begging, or working in the alcohol or tobacco industries. The third is Vand Chhakna (literally sharing ones’ earrings with others) which would translate to giving charity and caring for others.
I personally believe that the life we live today is given to us based on our actions which created good and bad karma in our previous life. Sometimes we go through something painful and we don’t understand why it’s happening to us. When you can’t understand why bad things are happening to you, it’s most likely because you did something in your previous life and now you’re paying for it in this life.
I look at my life and there have been a lot of things that happened to me, which I don’t understand because I’ve been a good person and have never intentionally hurt people. The way I make sense of it is that I must have hurt someone just as bad in my previous life and I’m paying for that mistake now. Sometimes karma will get you the moment after you do something bad. Other times, it takes a while for it to pay you a visit.
The idea of introducing karma and reincarnation came to me because it’s something that not a lot of people really talk about. Storm explores the past life of the character, Evan Storm, and the storyline follows Evan in his current life. His life has been pretty decent up until Shadow Hex enters. That’s when his karma pays him a visit and he tries his best to deal with the cards he’s been dealt.

Born and raised in California, Gurpreet Kaur Sidhu always had an insatiable appetite for reading and writing. She would often be reprimanded for working on literary ventures when she should have been paying attention to teachers. In addition to being a highly accomplished writer, Sidhu is a passionate businesswoman, holding a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and running a women’s clothing company with her younger sister.

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