Friday, July 12, 2013

The Fairytale Mother

Once upon a time two lives intertwined…
A broken heart.
When Andrew Krenshaw’s wife goes missing, terror becomes desperation as he is forced to cope with a world of uncertainty where he has suddenly become a single father, an unfortunate celebrity… a potential murderer.
A hopeful heart.
Melanie Tull has everything she ever wanted in her life… except perhaps love. Her husband is absent and demanding all at once. Her home, a shell of perfection with a cold center. Her life, busy yet vacant.
… Herein lies the tale that binds them.
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About Heather

After a childhood spent living in various northern states--New Jersey for half of that (South Jersey, exit 4, to be exact)--she struck out on her own. First stop, Atlanta, Georgia. After attending GA Tech to study Industrial Engineering, she settled down in a small town outside the city where she has remained ever since. She keeps house for one husband, two sons, and a thankless dog (who she adores anyway). Her loves: books, bacon, bargains... heavy metal, Christmas movies... a great pair of jeans... and anything cheesy. The four dirtiest words she knows: wash, cook, dust, iron.
Twitter @HeatherMuzik

Book Review -
This is NOT what I expected but in a good way.
 This was an emotional and dark read but I loved it. What would you do if you spouse suddenly vanished?
I would FREAK OUT! 
The book is about two couples who lives are forever changed by unfortunate circumstances. I could relate 
to the women in the story and my heart ached. I've felt underappreciated before. I don't know if I would have made the same decisions but hey, it made for an awesome story!

                                                      FairyTale Mother is a page turner!

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  1. I loved tinker bell and still do

  2. Thanks so much for being part of the tour! I love that the story was unexpected in a good way!