Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Marriage Bargain Guest Post

  The Marriage Bargain

Camille Chandler is a tabloid journalist whose career is right on track–until her boss sees a curious ad in the L.A. Trades.
Wanted: Single actress for an extended gig abroad.
France’s mega-rich playboy Julian de Laurent is up to something and Camille’s boss expects her to find out what. Who knew the eccentric gazillionaire was looking to hire a temporary wife?
When Camille refuses to accept Julian’s proposal–and secretly write a juicy tell-all about the de Laurent family–she’s fired and left financially destitute, forcing her to entertain Julian’s proposal for real. But what’ll happen at the end of the contract period, after Camille has spent six months as the wife of a man she learns is capable of stealing her heart?
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About Sandra – I write in a variety of genres such as paranormal (mostly time travel and reincarnation), contemporary, and suspense. While all my tales hold an element of romance, my books often push the envelope and step outside the boundaries of conventional romance.
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Interview with Tasha Gordon, the bff of Camille (the heroine from The Marriage Bargain).

SE: Tasha Gordon, I’m thrilled that you could join us today. I understand that you’re Camille Chandler’s best friend.
TG: Yes. We’ve been friends since our pre-teen days.
SE: Really? You two seem like very different people. How’d did your friendship form? Did you go to school together?
TG: No. We only saw each other for a couple weeks in the summer, at camp. But we had email and the Internet to keep us close during the school year.
SE: And you forged a lifelong friendship.
TG: Yes. She truly is my best friend. I hate to see anyone take advantage of that boss of hers.
SE: So you don’t like Margo Fontaine?
TG: Not at all. She’d just as soon cut your throat as look at you.
SE: That’s a pretty tough assessment.
TG: Tough, but true. Kind of like a bad casting agent. (laughs).
SE: That’s right. You’re an actress. How’s that going?
TG: Well, I’m still waitressing to make ends meet.
SE: And you’re not ready to give up the dream?
TG: I’ll never give up. Acting is all I’ve ever wanted.
SE: Well, it sounds like you’ve got the determination.
TG: Yeah, all I need is a break.
SE: With any luck, fate will shine brightly on you in the days to come.
TG: You think?
SE: When she does, be sure to grab on with both hands and hold on tight.
TG: Thanks. I’ll have to remember that when my ship sales in.
SE: It might not be a ship, you know. It could be an airplane.
TG: Good point. I’ll be sure to keep a sharp eye out.
SE: Be patient. I have a feeling things are going to start looking up for you.
TG: Thanks, I’ll do that. You’re right after all, luck does come in many forms.

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