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The Voice of Divine Love by Arlene Dayrit

thevoiceofdivineloveaudioscreen-shot-2016-09-27-at-09-50-35“The truth of God’s love is a message many of us have always known, but we need to be reminded of it again and again. In our limited understanding, we have difficulty comprehending it.
God has loved you with an everlasting love, and yet no matter how deeply we feel him in our lives, the word of God often goes unheard. This is why, in the noise of the modern world, the simplicity of his message is all too easily lost. Yet while our prayers have no answers we can hear, that does not mean God has no voice.
The Voice of Divine Love brings his word to you, brings you the light of God’s acceptance, the comfort of his presence and love, and a guiding hand to live your life in his service. It is a chance to hear his voice amongst the raucous chatter of the world and choose to follow his way to righteousness and eternal love.
With this book, written in the hope of drawing others closer to God, helping them understand the depth of his love, and narrated as in the voice of the Almighty, you are provided a retreat in times of stress; not to simply hide from your problems, but to find their true purpose, alongside the purpose in all things. Close your eyes and rest, find solace in knowing that, even when you are alone, he is always at your side, guiding you and taking care of you, in ways no other can.
And as you are consoled, as you hear the one guiding voice which no person’s life should go without, you will find answers to the questions you have always yearned to ask: why does God allow pain into your life, why do your arleneprayers go unanswered, your wishes unfulfilled? There is no need to turn inward, to torture yourself for these answers. Simply listen, and understand The Voice of Divine Love. ”

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My newest book boyfriend, Dr. Aaron Nicholson #FreeEbook Impatience by Laura Stapleton

My newest book boyfriend, Dr. Aaron Nicholson I joke about how I must have been a mom with high expectations in a former life. A lot of my heroes tend to be doctors. There’s probably a profound psychological meaning to why, but who cares when there’s a sexy guy with a stethoscope around?

Dr. Aaron Nicholson started out as the main guy in a thriller I’d been asked to write. Imposter, a short story, was included in Thrill of The Hunt, and I couldn’t let him go at the end. Who’d want a guy like him to get away? You know he’s smart with the whole medical school thing going on, never mind the helping sick people vibe. Sure, bad boys are fun to reform, but a man who has it all together and just needs the right woman? Irresistible! His looks aren’t bad, either. He’s tall and has an athletic build. Dark brown hair, deep gray eyes, and I knew this guy needed his own series.

So what happens when a man who’d rather buy a new kayak than a motorcycle meets his beautiful next-door neighbor? He’s interested, despite now being a bad time to begin a relationship. When a family friend of hers is found dead, Aaron can’t resist helping solve the mystery in Betrayal. And, after a favorite patient of his dies under suspicious circumstances in Impatience, his new love helps him.

With several book boyfriends out there, I’d have a tough time picking a favorite among my own creations. But Aaron? He’s going to be a long term relationship for me, and I couldn’t have imagined a better man.
impatiencetourimp_medIn the second full novel in an Atlantic Maritime series, an assumed loyal son is the first suspect after his invalid mother’s surprise death.
Was the suspect impatient for his inheritance? Or did old age catch up to the dear elderly lady?
Can Aaron and Mandy teaming up again help explain his patient’s death before the wrong man is arrested?

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Welcome to the first full novel in an Atlantic Maritime series soaked in romance and murder. When a family friend of Mandy Hays washes up on shore, everything points to homicide. But how, when he was alone on a fishing trip? Her sexy neighbor, Dr. Aaron Nicholson, knows much more than he can say. As the evidence piles up, all of the victim’s family and closest friends seem guilty. Need to know more? Grab your copy of this “enticing page turner!” today.

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With an overactive imagination and a love for writing, Laura Stapleton decided to type out her daydreams and what-laura_stapleton_ifs in order to share her lovable characters and their worlds with readers. She currently lives in Kansas City with her husband, daughter, dog, and a few cats. When not at the computer, you’ll find her in the park for a jog or at the yarn store’s clearance section.
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Blood Sacrifice Book Excerpt by Jill Cooper #FreeEbook

booktourbloodsacrificePageflex Persona [document: PRS0000031_00001]Lourdes has been slain and the new queen of the underworld has been chosen.
It was the day the Blood sisters had been striving for. The day where they would be free of Lourdes and could go back to living normal lives, but with the underworld’s throne empty, the Earth plunges into chaos.
Rivers turn black, demons run amok, with more chaos is about to be unleashed. All the while demon hunter, Duncan Jasper, is prisoner of the enemy. Jessica will stop at nothing to free him from Vain, a bounty hunter who trades in the lives of humans.
Getting into her stronghold won’t be easy, and Vain will be expecting a fight, but what she won’t be expecting is Jessica’s secret weapon. The newly crowned queen of the underworld, her very own sister.
Jessica hopes Amanda can resist the dark magic now surging through her veins long enough for a special artifact—The Ruby Heart—to be found, the one thing that can purify Amanda’s heart and break the awful curse.
But Amanda has other plans. If she sacrifices herself to the underworld, she hopes to do one better. Kill the demons from the inside and free the trapped souls being tormented for an eternity.
One way or another, it will surely come to sister vs sister in a full-scale war.
All in the name of Blood.
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Read an Excerpt-
The Wild Aces Casino was Jessica’s new prison. Unable to sit still, she paced in the small room they had secured her in. Chewing on her thumbnail, Jessica peered into the corner of the room.
Video cameras.
They were probably watching her. Maybe she should give them a little show. At least she could make it interesting.
She drew her attention to the horizontal mirror at the back of the room. They were probably watching her every move, studying her. If Jessica was lucky they were going to handle her themselves. If unlucky, they were going to call the police.
She couldn’t count on luck. It had never been on her side before.
Jessica ran her hands along the metal table. If only Amanda was there. They separated them, which was the smart thing to do, for the casino, but Jessica hated everything about it. She wanted nothing more than to check on Amanda. She had been in a bad way out on the casino floor.
Bad way? Worst way. So how was she now? How was Amanda coping?
Save Amanda. Keep going. What choice did Jessica have?
The door opened and Jessica stood straight as a security guard entered. Looked like a nice enough guy with kempt brown hair. He wore a serious scowl on his face though, as he gestured to the chair. “Sit down.”
“I need to know how my…friend is.” Jessica crossed her arms and her hips pivoted to the side.
“She’s fine. Now, sit.” His eyes narrowed.
“Fine? What does that mean? Listen, she’s sick, so if you don’t mind…” Jessica pushed past him, but he grabbed her by the arms and forced her into a chair.
A tough guy, huh? Jessica could work with that.
“Get out of that chair and we’re really going to have a problem.” He slid out the chair on the other side of the table and sat down. “Want to tell me what business you have in Vegas, Ms. Blood?”
Her reputation preceded her it seemed. Jessica’s ass wiggled in the chair. “Oh you know, the same as everyone else. Little buffet, little gambling. Lots of ass kicking. Should I start with yours? How’s my sister?” No need to keep up the pretense if he knew who they were.
The security guard laughed. “The two of you are trouble. That much is easy to see, but you’re the one who grabbed my fellow officer’s gun. So why don’t you tell me why you did that. Do we need to call the cops? You’re wanted in connection with a murder over five states away. Some massacre at a hospital. I’m sure they’d love to get their hands on you.”
She sighed. He referred to Ron Wax breaking out of the psych ward and everything went to shit for Amanda and Duncan. All of which, Jessica wasn’t even around for. She always got blamed for things that weren’t her fault. “Technically,” Jessica bit her fingernail, “it’s my car that’s wanted in connection with a murder. I was in Hell at the time.”
The security guard did a double take and Jessica couldn’t suppress her smile. “Or the underworld,” Jessica said, “It’s hard to keep it all straight, isn’t it?”
“You screw with a casino like this? We’ll make your life hell. You think you’ve been there, well you haven’t. So now answer the damn question or we’ll ride you straight out of town, sweetheart. If I have to call my boss and have him come down here, you’re going to regret it.”
“My sister’s sick,” Jessica said lightly, quietly. Just the words put a lump in her throat. “I just wanted to get her out of your casino as fast as I could.”
“So, what, drawing a gun is easier for you than calling an ambulance? Asking for help?”
Jessica threw her arm on the back of her chair as she leaned back. “You’ve seen my rap sheet. I’m guessing you only know that because you’ve already called the cops. Is that right? They’re on their way to pick us up?”
Her stomach sickened at the thought.
“Bingo. And you’re not leaving this room until they get here.” He grabbed her wrist and swung his handcuffs around on a finger.
Jessica tugged her wrist, her heart pounded. “Get your mitts off me, you baboon!”
No matter how she resisted, he handcuffed Jessica’s wrist to the table leg. “Might want to think of an insanity plea. You’re not playing with a full deck, sister.”
About Jill Cooper –
I could write this in the third person. I could tell you what I like, where I was born, and what my favorite things are.jillcooper
But instead, I’ll say I don’t want to write like everyone else. I don’t want to craft stories you’ve read a thousand times before. I want my novels to be a cinematic experience, blending themes, genres, and situations unlike any you’ve ever read.
I want to break the rules. I want you to break out in a cold sweat as you read my books out of fear, love, and excitement. I want my books to be an experience. When you finish, I want you to feel something. Good or bad.
If you do, then I’ll have succeeded. If not, I’ll keep trying.
She can be contacted at and please like her to keep up to date: Facebook

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The Crimson Tree by Valerie Puri

the crimson tree tour banner

CrimsonTree-ebook-webThe Crimson Tree

Disembodied voices. Apparitions. Waking nightmares. Strange occurrences are happening with increased intensity and Carly cannot escape what is tormenting her. With little proof and little support, she is losing everything in her life: her fiancé, friendships, and her sanity. Can Carly uncover what caused the supernatural derailing of her life? Can she ever get rid of her ghostly tormentor, or is she doomed to be haunted indefinitely? Determined to stop these frightening events, she has to do whatever she can to regain control of her life before things take a deadly turn.

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ValerieValerie Puri – Author Bio

Valerie Puri has always had a lifelong interest in all forms of artistic expression. She has tried her hand at many things, yet she always finds her way back to reading and writing. With inspiration everywhere, Valerie finally put pen to paper (or rather, fingers to keyboard) with the intent of publishing her stories. Writing has always come naturally to Valerie, and for a time she even worked as a technical writer. This experience and her current day job of project manager helps Valerie continue to hone her writing skills. Her true passion lies in the freedom that comes with writing the stories that pour from her imagination and real life inspiration. Valerie believes that the experiences we have in life are just stories waiting to be written.  

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Excerpt and Giveaway Murder on Moonshine Hill

JoanbooktourMURDERMOONSHINE_LARGEWhen Jenna decides to go to this wedding, she expects to dredge up old secrets and old hurts and she expects to see people from her past, but she doesn’t expect to stumble on a dead body.
Jenna’s friend is arrested. The wedding is cancelled. And Jenna’s tendency to stick her nose where it shouldn’t be leads her into the path of the killer.
Set in the serene mountains of North Carolina Murder on Moonshine Hill is filled with suspense, humor, and a quirky cast of supporting characters.

Releases August 23 Pre-order –Amazon / Nook

Pick up Book 1
e-Murderer copyOn this anything but typical Monday morning Jenna Scali, who works part-time for a shrink, opens an email that depicts the brutal death of a young girl. On that same day the police uncover a dead coed two blocks from Jenna’s house. The e-murderer’s description creepily echos the death described in the newspapers.
When Jenna receives other emails, she takes what she knows to the police and thus begins her journey in the path of the e-murderer. Her curious nature impels her from e-messages to dead coeds to a ring of prostitutes. With the help of her quirky friends, Jenna learns that she’s more than a conduit for the killer. She’s his target. New secrets unfold, and finally her love life takes a tumble when the true killer emerges.
THE E-MURDERER is a race to find a psychotic killer before he kills again.
This new mystery series with a young female sleuth promises to keep you glued to your seat until the last page.
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Read an Excerpt -
A knock roused me from my thoughts.

“It’s open.”

“Just wanted to make sure you were decent. All the rooms are supposed to stay open,” Quentin said. “Didn’t you read the innkeeper’s notes about how to enjoy the Moonshine Inn?” He marched into my cramped quarters and plopped across the bed, bouncing to test the mattress for firmness.

“Not yet.”

“Apparently you can bolt the doors, but people don’t. The atmosphere at the
Moonshine Inn,”—he mimed quotation marks with his fingers—”is ‘relaxed and cordial.’ That means open doors.”

“I didn’t find our Mrs. Wilkins relaxed and cordial.”

He laughed.

“I’ve nothing to steal, anyway. Is your room like this one?”

“I’ve got hooks on the wall instead of a real cupboard, but otherwise, it’s about the same. By the way, the dog’s name is Benji, and he’s not to be fed, according to our innkeeper.”

“I knew she was a tyrant.”

“Want to go down and greet the guests?” Not particularly, I refrained from saying.

The confrontation with Marcy was inevitable. Now was as good a time as any.

Watch the Book Trailer for e-Murder

Joan is an award-winning writer who has published 6 books and numerous stories.  Readers compare her to the great Southern writer, Fanny Flagg. “She writes characters and a story that will joancCurtisstay with you.”
Her debut mystery/suspense novel, The Clock Strikes Midnight, won the silver medal for fiction/suspense in the Global eBook Awards for 2015 and is a finalist for the Royal Palm Literary Award. The e-Murderer won first place in the Malice Domestic Grants competition for new writers.
Joan has been an avid reader for as long as she can remember.  She reads all kinds of books, including women’s fiction, mysteries, biography, and nonfiction.  Mystery/suspense with a psychological twist is exactly the kind of book Joan loves to read.
2016finalist“I write about characters who remind me of myself at times and my sister at times, but never fully so. My stories are told from a woman’s point of view with a destiny. Characters drive my writing and my reading.”
Having grown up in the South with a mother from Westchester County New York, Joan has a unique take on blending the Southern traditions with the eye of a Northerner.  She spent most of her childhood in North Carolina and now resides in Athens, Georgia.
Enter to win a copy of The Clock Strikes Midnight (award-winning book)
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End of Summer Free and $.99 Book Sale

The end of Summer is here and Promotional Book Tours is bringing you a Free and $.99 Book Sale so you can stock up your kindle!

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Annie Crow Knoll Sunrise Broken Choices1front lostavalon

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Tuning In by Chris Neal $.99 eBook Sale

TuningInbookblastTuning InHow would you like to be twelve and be able to hear the unadulterated thoughts of every confused adult around you? Not every memory, but a person’s active thoughts. It makes for an interesting childhood.
Now trained as a con artist, by his family, Michael is all grown up and spreading his wings out in the real world, but there is a problem. Whether pulling small scams, impersonating a rich brat or playing poker with the mob, Michael is utterly unsatisfied with life. He questions his purpose and talents.
Chance smiles upon Michael, and he gets a job helping to steal a jewel collection with a sorted past. Jewels rumored to be the property of royalty, used to fund wars and even stolen once by the Nazi’s. Stealing that which has already been stolen is too tempting an opportunity to pass up.
He must infiltrate the high-powered New York law firm of Bishop, Adams, and Davenport. The smart and ruthless senior partners know where the bodies and the jewels are hidden. Michael must walk among them undiscovered as he and his team search for the jewels.
As a con artist this is a dream job but who is conning who, and what is that darkness he senses?
Buy for $.99 on Amazon  (free Kindle Unlimited) / Smashwords
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About Chris Neal
Chris Neal is the author of the Tuning In Series.ChrisNeal
He is a fan of all things urban fantasy including The Dresden Files and shows like The Originals, and Constantine. His love of reading and his children are his inspiration to write his stories and share his humor.
The Tuning In series is his first foray into writing about the paranormal con artist Michael Cheffied.